Psion teklogix workabout pro updating scanner settings

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Created for the mobile worker, the Psion-Teklogix Workabout Pro 3 is ideal for employees across a range of industries, including mobile field services, logistics, warehousing, transportation, manufacturing and more.

Its impressive flexibility enables you to supply one device to meet many requirements, the Workabout Pro 3 is built to be a key member of your IT infrastructure.

Firmware and/or operating system changes can alter operating behavior over the life of a hardware device.

(Please make sure to read the "Compatibility Testing Results" and note the OS version and any Comments applicable to the devices you're considering.) If you are acting on behalf of a customer and you don't have a Support Site Account please email partners@for assistance.

Once they were both in pairing mode the scanner came with these bar code sheets which I scanned that set the pass code to "0000".

I was then prompted on the Android device to enter the pairing code "0000".

Keep in mind that open-source operating systems such as Android can be modified by device manufacturers, therefore customers should not assume consistency between devices running the same Android version.

♦ This unit requires the use of two triple a "AAA" batteries which cannot be recharged in the unit. Test Results When I initially started testing the unit I first had to pair the unit.

This requires that both your Android device and the scanner are in pairing mode.

CXT Software does not test Bluetooth scanners with all Android devices compatible with X Mobile.

Comments ♦♦ This unit requires the use of a scanner wedge called Get Blue to interface with X Mobile.

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